4 settembre 2008

La Polaroid non è morta...forse

Il tutto è da prendere con le pinze ma ne parlano già in quasi tutti i gruppi di discussione dedicati alla Polaroid...

New Pack Film Supply – Q & A

1. / Polaroid have already announced the end of instant film. Why has this decision now been reversed?

A. Polaroid have received numerous requests from loyal users to find ways of enabling them to continue to produce Polaroid photographs for business, professional and personal use. Polaroid has listened carefully to the specific needs of their customers and has creatively found ways to satisfy some of these needs. We will be resuming supply of T125i (gloss), T664 and T667 films because of this.

2. / Where will the film be made?

A. Polaroid has entered into an agreement with an appropriately qualified third party supplier to manufacture film to Polaroid’s specifications.

3. / Who is making it?

A. Both Polaroid and the manufacturer have agreed to keep specific details of the arrangement confidential.

4. / Is it really the same film or will it perform differently

A. All of the film types will work in essentially the same way as before. Due to differences in the chemistry there may be slight perceptual changes to colour balance and saturation. Some hardware may require minor recalibration for optimum performance – contact your local Polaroid service support line for further information.

5. / Will the price remain the same?

A. In most cases there will be no difference to the current prices we charge

6. / Will supply be restricted?

A. In the short term we have very limited inventory. New supplies will commence towards the end of this year and we anticipate that the 3 films will be freely available during the first quarter of 2009

7. / Can I still use this film for Image transfers and emulsion lifts?

A. Polaroid has only tested film for “regular” photographic use in normal conditions. Many creative techniques were developed by customers over a long period of time using processes well outside the scope of the films recommended handling. Polaroid are unable to specifically recommend the use of these films for anything other than the normal photographic process.

8. / Is this film suitable for lamination

A. The film may be successfully laminated, but will not form a “photodestruct” bond with the laminate material as the new film uses water based chemistry.

9. / Does this mean that all types of Polaroid film will soon be available again?

A. There have been many different varieties, formats and sizes of Polaroid film, all with unique characteristics. Whilst efforts are being made to preserve other types, there are major challenges to doing this. At this stage no commitment may be given regarding further supply of any other films.

10. / Will this film be available everywhere in the world?

Polaroid Currently intends to make this film available in North America, Europe, Australia and Japan.

11. / Will I also be able to buy cameras that use this film

A. There are currently no plans to manufacture any additional photographic hardware. However, there is a huge installed base of both cameras and other devices designed to use these film types. Polaroid will continue to offer repair facilities for the majority of these hardware items for the foreseeable future

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